A New Permission

The club was lucky enough to get a new permission for ferreting this week, so pretty much a new comer to the working side of owning ferrets (come on they make brilliant pets !!!), I was invited to tag along and learn all about it.

So today we set off for darkest, deepest Dorset (well, Christchurch), and I learnt about getting new permissions, and what you need to do on the first visit and get the lay of the land.

  1. Make sure there are actually rabbits there (probably the most important!)
  2. Find the holes and warrens
  3. Check that you don’t have to cross fences, etc onto neighbours lands, and if you do, make sure you ask for permission!
  4. Get consent from the landowner and arrange a date
  5. Go down the pub and congratulate each other (by far the most important!)

So we checked, worked out how many people and ferrets we need, and what equipment we need, and its back tomorrow!

So this afternoon is sandwich making, thermos cleaning and generally making sure everything is ready for tomorrow.

How knows, we might actually see a bunny this time!