Baldrick and Turnip Ride Again!

As the show season comes to an end, and the long hot summer days (and rain …) fade away, our intrepid heroes gear themselves up for a new season of ferreting, yes it’s Baldrick and Turnip – The Return!

We’ve all enjoyed this year so far, with great shows, new displays, new members and a great platform to launch the club to new heights next year. Β But for some, the work continues through the autumn and winter, as Baldrick and Turnip escape from their carers and once more roam free across the countryside, eagerly seeking out rascally rabbits, leading innocent ferrets astray, falling down holes and discovering those electric fences they love so much.

So with only a few more shows left, remember to check back over the coming months to read the continuing misadventures of our beloved pair, and this season we plan to bring live action video of their mishaps as well!