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Racing at the New Forest Show 2022!

Once again, we are attending the New Forest Show. Our busiest, longest and most hectic show of the year. We have lots of fun meeting you all and also have fun ferret racing. We usually have huge crowds with lots of people betting and having fun.

This year the show is from Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th July. We are hoping for good weather this year but not too hot as our priority is keeping the ferrets cool. As much as we love racing our ferrets, if it is too hot we will not put them down the tubes.

Last time we raced we were able to have a little makeover. We had lovely new banners and signs from our new sponsor ESET, including our newest logo! We were able to show the snazzy banners off at the show and are very grateful to ESET sponsoring us. To see what they do, click here. We also had an amazing stand showing our new show cages, made by our secretary Pete and some other club members, and all of our lovely stock, including some new additions; pin badges and car air fresheners.

Previous crowds have been very excited to watch our races as always! Everyone was betting and cheering on at every race. We had races at 10 am, 1 pm and 4 pm with the stand constantly busy full with people learning about ferrets and asking all kinds of questions!!

To look at more photos from our fun at the New Forest Show 2019 click here to go straight to our gallery! We had lots of fun this year and absolutely cannot wait till July!

Racing On With 2022

So as we race on through 2022, the ferrets come out of hiding to visit the fairs and fetes of the south coast!

Once again the furry gladiators will be taking to the ring to claim the prize of fastest ferret, having spent many a dark winter’s night in training with their coaches and oh so tiny jockeys …

Why not have a great day out and join in with the ferrets at one of the many shows we will be at this year.

For a full list, visit our Show Calendar!

A New Year, Wizards and Where’s Baldrick?

With a busy end to the last year, it’s been a while since our last news update.
Last year was a successful one for shows, ending as always with the Hampshire Country Sports Day at Alresford, always a great day out, and we looked forward to a new ferreting season, but then …
Baldrick went missing!
Turnip was left pining for his little lost buddy, and this author had to console the poor little lamb as he searched through the rabbit warrens and electric fences in search of his soul-mate.
But all was not lost, and as the end of the year approached, news reached our little shell-likes that Baldrick had not done an Alice and dissappeared down a rabbit hole, but had been moonlighting on a shoot as a beater!
The dirty little traitor …
And yet, in the mysterious world and ways of the shoot, Baldrick had learned of an even more mysterious and magically world … not called Starbuck’s but called Hogwart’s!!!
So an entrepid band of adventurers set off from the Wessex Ferret Club in search of this land and stumbled across Warner Brothers Studios World of Harry Potter, complete with Butterbeer, Quidditch and yes, ferrets!
You can see more of this fantastic day in our gallery.
And so after a magical trip and an emotional reunion of Baldrick and Turnip (there were lots of tears and cuddles …), the new year is upon us and we return to the fields for the second half of the working season, and also start booking the shows for the up coming year.
This year already looks like a busy one, with the show season beginning in March and continuing till October, and covering most of Dorset, Hampshire and even venturing beyond to other counties (a shock to some members, who believe you’ll fall off the earth if you go beyond the New Forest …)
So we look forward to a busy and successsful year and hope to see friends old and new in the months ahead!

Hampshire and New Forest Show 2015

So it was a hot and sunny end to July, and the Wessex Ferret Club descended on a field just outside Brockenhurst for the grand spectacle that is the New Forest and Hampshire Country Show!
With newly painted racing pipes, we eagerly awaited the hoards of visitors, ready to dispense out fuzzy facts about our furry friends, and the ferrets bounced around in expectation of cuddles and being fussed by everyone.
The tent display was given a complete make over, with new photos and information posters, and the working area had the addition of videos on net making, and an action video featuring out very own Turnip setting up nets and trying to catch something!
The ever popular ferret racing drew the crowds, and we updated our format with our new tag team of ringmasters – Mark and Lisa (disturbing nick names to follow soon …)
Not to be out done by the wizards in the display tent and racing arena, it was the turn of the workers and there rabbit control demonstration! So in to the fray stepped who else but Baldrick and Turnip (and friends), with their new and unique display, and the introduction of Wilfred the dog!
It was a fantastic three days at a brilliant show, one of our longest running and most prestigious events, and we look forward to returning next year, with even more updates to display!
To see more of the fun and games, see our gallery here.

Baden Powell School Fete 2015

A barmy Friday evening, and the Wessex Ferret Club trundled down into Poole to take part in one of our longest running shows, the Baden Powell School Fete.

As always, it was a great evening, with lots going on – bands, raffles, climbing walls, dance displays, and of course – ferret racing!

Everyone had a great time, and there was plenty of interest from the crowd about our fuzzy friends, and I’m sure we will return again next year!

To see more of this great evening of fun, check out the gallery here

The Ringwood Family Fun Day 2015

And as sunny May drew to an end with the threat of rain and showers, but still the intrepid members of the Wessex Ferret Club decided to brave the threat and arrived at the Ringwood Family Fun Day to help with the fun and games, and introduce our fuzzy friends to the people of Ringwood!

Well the weather decided to behave, and the sun stayed high and warm, we even had a few new members and helpers on the stand and for the races.  Everyone enjoyed the day, and many we meet looked forward to seeing us at other shows through the season, especially Ellingham and the New Forest Show, we look forward to meeting everyone again at them both.

And after a fantastic day, we even got to join in the “It’s A Knockout” competition – with varying results, but at least the boys beat the girls!

See all the fun here!

Manor Farm Spring 2015

We thought we’d have a quite Bank Holiday weekend, but then we got a call from Manor Farm in rural Hedge End, and decided to go and join in the fun!

And off we trotted, to spent a day entertaining the visitors and staff with “meet the ferrets” and the odd ferreting display, but little did we know there was a surprise in store …

For who should turn up to help but Baldrick’s grandad! Complete with his working outfit and gear from when he was a lad – about the same time as the club chairman was, when ferreting gear consisted of stone tools and sabre-toothed ferrets, all used to hunt the giant Woolly Rabbit!

So continued a wonderful day, with tales of ferrets and farmyard animals (especially donkeys), and we have even been asked to return and help with Manor Farm’s Summer Fayre in July, so we look forward to seeing you there!

See how we on in our gallery here!

The Shapwick Country Fair 2015

So Bank Holiday Weekend had arrived, and the Wessex Ferret Club and their fuzzy friends took a trip into the countryside, and a visit to the Shapwick Country Fair!

Despite the threat of rain, and the promised excitement of the Monaco Grand Prix, the sun shone brightly, and everyone had a fun day of racing, full of thrills and a re-match, as the ferrets enjoyed it so much, they had our first ever tied race!

They was plenty going on, with great music, the intriguing Dorset Nob eating and tossing competitions, and lots of coffee, tea and cakes, although the donkeys in the next field didn’t seem to bothered.

Everyone had a great day, and we look forward to returning to this wonderful show in the future.

Take a look at the fun here!

The New Forest Spring Fair 2015

So it was May Bank Holiday, and the first show of the year – The New Forest Spring Fair 2015!

We all arrived on the first day, amid the drizzle and cold, we set up the display, laid out the race course, and readied ourselves for the onslaught of wide eyed spectators! Initially, the weather had appeared to have put some off, but the word soon got around the best part of the show was in our area – dancing sheep, ferret racing and the beer tent! And so they came …

We rushed in to action, sleepy fuzzy friends did their bit, enjoying the attention and fuss, as they were stroked, petted and loved, then it was ready for the racing! Nervous and untested voices were brought to the fore, as Mark gallantly leapt in to the fray as MC, regaling and astounding the onlookers with facts and flair! Then the PA battery went dead!

A short interlude as the battery was changed, and the ferrets were up and running, frenzied betting ensued and it set the theme for the day ahead!

So after a successful first day, we returned on the Monday with heads and hopes high, and the sun came out!
The warm rays of light and hope descended on everyone, the fair filled up, and everyone once again flocked to the dancing sheep (good pun there!) and the ferrets, the beer tent was a mere side attraction!

After the endeavours of the previous day, our MC had a slightly croaky voice, and so helpful backup was provided by the other members of the club, who stepped into the breach and entertained the audience, each in their own unique way, some madder than the others, but all to great applause and cheers from the crowd.

It was a great show, setting us up for the rest of the years with renewed confidence, and dare we say it, we were even more popular than the dancing sheep!

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