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Wessex Ferret Club

The club’s Officers and Committee Members are always happy to discuss ferrets etc. with you, but please, no telephone calls after 9pm, or early morning wake-up calls on Sunday!

Always remember that if a ferret is seriously ill then your vet is the answer.

To save you time and money on wasted telephone calls and e-mails please contact:

Mark Young for any information on show matters, in particular requests for the Wessex Ferret Club to attend a show.

Jo Scott for any enquiry regarding membership matters.

Pete Wall for any information or help with stray ferrets found or lost, plus details of any ferrets the club may have for re-homing.

Position Name Email Address
Chairman Jo Scott
Newsletter Editor Robin Tarrant
Secretary: Pete Wall
Treasurer: Lesley Bailey
Stock Controller: Emma Young
Membership Secretary: Jo Scott
Publicity Officer: Mark Young
Committee Member: Ann Smith
Committee Member: Emma Young
Committee Member: Richard Baily
Committee Member: Rachel Wall


All postal correspondence should be sent to:
Wessex Ferret Club, PO Box 372, Southampton, SO14 0TA

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