Experimental Ferreting

So we made another visit to the golf course, and it was a very successful one!
Our biggest haul of the year, doubling the seasons catch and finally making it into double figures! We have decided we can now call ourselves “True Enthusiastic Amateurs”!!!!
So as an experiment, I decided to take a new, untested fuzzy friend out for the day.
Now I like my ferrets, and I know I do spoil them a bit, but not as much as others seem to think! So when Biscuit was introduced to the happy band, I was a bit deflated when someone looked at him, picked him up and said “That’s not a ferret, it’s a badger!”. I think he’s just big boned …

Anyway, big or not, Biscuit had a great day out and actually did a good job, so there!

So the next experiment is to find a replacement for hawks and dogs to catch the bunnies that make a run for it, so it’s time to get a cheetah …..