ID Chipping

The Micro Chipping of Ferrets

The Wessex Ferret Club recommends that owners have their ferrets micro chipped, as it gives them the best chance of being identified and returned to you if they become lost or stolen.

Micro chipping is a way of permanently identifying your ferret.  A small capsule approximately the size of a grain of rice, is implanted using a needle just under the ferret’s skin, in between their shoulder blades. Each microchip has a unique (normally 15 digit) number that cannot be altered and identifies your ferret. This number is recorded against your address and contact details on one of the microchip databases and stays with the animal for life.

Unfortunately ferret theft has increased in recent years, and when found, it is often the case that identification is difficult as many ferrets look alike. Micro-chips will help avoid such problems.

The club provides a micro chipping service to its members, with some of our own members trained  for inserting the chips into the ferrets. can be read by scanners held by the Police, RSPCA and other similar bodies, who can then trace it back to the Wessex Ferret Club by the computerised register.

Thanks to the time, effort and work done by our members over past years, the club has accumulated sufficient funds to enable us to subsidies the chipping costs considerably for members.

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