Members Tips & Tricks

Here are some little nuggets of knowledge, collected over the years and prised from the minds of our members!

  • Medical
    • How do you give prescribed medicines to ferrets?
      It can be quite easy if you know how. One of the best courses of action is to mask it with another food, try and use something that your ferret loves to eat.
      With tablets normally we’re told give a quarter at a time. The easiest way is to take a plastic milk bottle top, crush the tablet to a powder, then mix in an amount of Ferretvite or a similar product.
      Liquid medicines are easier to mix with squirty cream, ferrets love it!
  • Nail clipping
    • Again our trusty ferret treats, Ferretvite or a similar product, are put to use!
      Place a bit on the ferrets tummy to keep them occupied while you trim those nails that sometimes get too long!

If you have a special tip please let us know!