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Social Media Update

It has been a while since the last social media update so here it is. We now have a brand new Twitter and Instagram ready for you to view today!

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Website Upgrade

Some of you may have noticed our upgrades to the website! We have tried to gain a more modern look for the website to help share our cause! This has included a theme and colour change as well as some layout changes too.

We are still regularly updating the website and trying to make it the best there has been. We would really appreciate your feedback and would like you to fill out a survey, to help make it the best. If you have any other thoughts don’t hesitate to email or message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Survey – https://forms.gle/FTuUBBfdSz6Th6hs5

Before the website looked like this:

Thank you for your support!

Update – New Twitter

After a few years, we have managed to create a new Twitter Account: @wessex_ferrets! On Twitter, you may see a few accounts with the Wessex Ferret Club name. Please note that these are not our twitter accounts and have been inactive for some time. We will be using @wessex_ferrets from now onwards!

Please use #wessexferretclub to share anything with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We would love to see your photos and content. Our handles for each are shown below!

Facebook – (@wessexferretclub)

Twitter (@wessex_ferrets)

Instagram – (@wessexferretclub)