The Further Adventures of Baldrick and Turnip

Well due to technical issues (The laptop died!!!), it’s been awhile since the last update of our fantastic adventures in ferreting, but now it’s here!

So it’s a flashback to that sunny Easter weekend, when a band of enthusiastic ferreters and their fuzzy friends (and Baldrick) spent the weekend at a number of different permissions, seeking the elusive Easter Bunny!

Our first trip took us back to our favourite golf course and riding school, where Baldrick entertained us with stories of playing poo sticks in his youth (don’t ask any more, there were some very disturbing revelations!), and his best friend and carer, Turnip (it’s not that he looks like a turnip, he’s just very close to Baldrick …), enthralled everyone with his uncanny ability to find every single electric fence in a 5 mile radius!

Overall it was a very productive day, with a good catch of bunnies, Turnip having gotten a new frizzy hair style, most of us in shock from Baldrick’s revelations, and we even had a good at coursing a rabbit! The only problem was that we didn’t have any dogs, just a bunch of not-to-fit ferreters! That meant it took a bit more effort and time than it should of, and the rabbit almost won be at least three, as various ferreters fell gasping to the ground after running more than 200 yards!

Lets just finish that one by saying the drink in the pub that night was well deserved!

So undeterred by the previous day, we set off for a second day, this time at a glorious manor house and grounds, in the middle of Dorset! It was a fantastic time, with well kept gardens (no brambles, gorse or electric fences!) that made our job easier and a lot more pleasant! Once again, we have a fantastic haul, helped out by Baldrick acting as a lookup up a tree (don’t ask), and even a great show of rugby skills at one point, with a diving tackle to catch a rabbit, followed by a quick backward pass from the ground to the following player! Thankfully he didn’t go for the drop goal!

Then as after all good rugby matches, it was down the pub for a refreshing pint, pats on the back for a couple of good days work, followed by tears, as we realized the season had come to an end until September. Then another pint and a big cheer as we realized it was the start of the show season, and long hot summer full of ferret racing, displays and beer tents! We’ve got lots to look forward too!

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