Ferreting with Baldric

Well it was a crisp and somewhat cool Sunday morning, and several members of the Wessex Ferret Club (including a slightly dubious looking escapee from Blackadder) braved the elements to take on a new permission and help a local land owner out with a rabbit problem, having been reliably informed “There’s thousands of ’em!!!!”

So under the expert eye of Baldric, I mean Pete, we set the nets, excited the ferrets and got ready for the rush!

7 cold hours and several empty coffees later, we decided that rabbits were smarter than us and had gone somewhere warmer! But at least the ferrets (and Baldric) had a good day out!

So having had loads of fun and having learnt lots about rabbiting, we informed the land owner and set off for the pub, with one member uttering the immortal phrase …

“At least it beats decorating ……”