Tools of the Trade

The tools and equipment used for ferretters when they venture forth, hasn’t changed that much in 2,500 years, basically a ferret, some nets and a spade, but today’s intrepid ferretters go into the field with a variety of tools and equipment, including the following items which should be regarded as essential!

box_of_ferrets ferrt_finder ferret_spade
Good working ferrets
and a box to carry them in
Locator collars and finder,
with spare batteries
A good rabbiting spade,
with a sharp edge and narrow blade
 pursenets3  long_netting  knife
An assortment of purse nets An assortment of long nets A sharp knife for paunching
First Aid Kit  folding_saw  mobile_phone
Small First aid kit Folding hand saw
to clear vegetation
A fully charged mobile phone
Just in case!
 boots  The Right Clothing  letter_of_permission
Good strong boots The right clothing Letter of Permission

Last modified: August 8, 2015

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