Other Fuzzy Occupations

Ferrets are actually busy, intelligent little beasts, and have spread far beyond their traditional working homes of farms, game keepers and poachers lodges, and expanded into a new and exciting businesses and filling a variety of roles in creative ways to earn their keep!

Cables and Wires
Another now traditional job for the ferret, is that of the electrician’s apprentice, where their ability to move quickly through small spaces comes in handy when laying wires and cables through narrow and confined spaces in buildings and aircraft manufacture. A length of light line is attached to a harness around the ferret’s chest, and the animal is coaxed to run through the confined space, pulling the lead string with it. The string is then used to pull the cables.

Stardust and Glitter
Like many before them, ferrets have felt the lure of fame and fortune, and sought their fortune in Hollywood! With a gift for stealing the limelight, ferret actors have shot to fame, and appeared alongside such stars as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller!  Recently, they have even made it to Pokemon!

Ferrets have had a long relationship with the marketing business, and have been featured as company mascots by several companies, mainly in California, where it is actually illegal to own ferrets, so the mascots actually non-doms!

Protecting The Nation
While not actually participating in traditional warfare, ferrets have leant themselves to several aspects of it, such as the famous Ferret Armoured Car. But by far the most patriotic of all ferrets, are the official mascots of The Massachusetts Colonial Navy, first organized in 1775 and still going! It has been the proud duty of these “marine ferrets” to guard the navy’s ships from pests for over 250 years and they are granted the status of naval officers!

A Helping Paw
Possibly employing the largest number of ferrets worldwide, is the category of Ferret Companion Care! Mainly as pets, ferrets provide a loving companion to many people, but even here, our little fuzzy friends have pushed the boundaries! Once the stronghold of the friendly dog, ferrets are increasingly being used as pet therapists helping those in need. In Japan, a number of companies are renting ferrets and other pets by the hour to hard-working people who don’t have the time to keep a pet of their own. In crowded cities like Tokyo, where many residents crave a connection to nature, these rent-a-ferrets meet an important need.

Last modified: June 27, 2015

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