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The Wessex Ferret ClubEstablished in 1983 the Wessex Ferret Club was originally a group of like minded ferret owners from the New Forest area, who mainly used their furry friends in rabbit control.

As the club has grown, with a membership that now covers Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, and ferrets have become more popular as pets, our membership has come to include all ferret owners, whether working ferreters or pet ferret owners. The club has built up a wealth of knowledge over it’s thirty odd years, and offers advice and support to all.

The Wessex Ferret Club aims to promote ferret welfare, by providing information on such topics as food, healthcare, housing and general well being. Part of this involves meeting the public at the many shows we attend across the south of England, imparting our knowledge and entertaining all with the fun of ferret racing! We also aim to change the image of the ferret from a smelly, bitey creature to that of a loving, fluffy family friend, and to help us do this we appear at shows and events throughout the region giving all the opportunity to meet, greet and handle our little friends.

The Shows play a large part in promoting the club and providing an income to keep the club running. This helps to provide the reduced cost jill jabs and cover the vet bills for rescued ferrets. It would, therefore, be greatly appreciated if more members could volunteer to help at some of these shows and help take the pressure off the core group of members who have to cover the majority of shows.

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Last modified: June 7, 2019

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